Hello, people!

My name is Anita and I’m pretty darn fantastic!
I love reading, talking and walking. I also love to write and I’m kinda awesome at it.
When I was a little girl, I felt ugly. I was fat and everybody thought I was a boy.
Somehow I grow up and got this perfect body. I’m sometimes still surprised when I look at myself in the mirror. How tha heck can I be so sexy?
I am also very smart. People often said, that life is going to be hard for me, because I’m so smart. I am also naive, so I bought it. Now I’m throwing it away.
I am throwing a lot stuff out of my mind lately. I’m saying “FUCK THIS SHIT!” a fucking lot.

Photo by Boris B. Voglar Photography.

I have deep interest for psychology. I love reading and talking about how our minds and bodies work.

I’m a mix of introvert and extrovert.

I am an idealist. I could sell ideas.

Oh, I do sell them! I’m painting them on the tote bags! I have my own brand. It’s called 3 Ptice. 3 Ptice means 3 Birds in Slovenian language. I also make other ecofriendly accessories. Dope stuff for smart and conscious people. I am fashion designer by education. Go check the shop. Buy something. Send me a picture of how you rock my work and I’ll post it on my blog.

If you ever think about inviting me over for a dinner, let me tell you, I’m a vegetarian. I won’t eat cake. Unless you curse there’s no gelatine in it. I probably still won’t believe you.

I don’t wear leather. Unless it’s fake.

I wear mostly vintage and secondhand. Proudly. With the attitude of a rich hippie.

I am addicted to coffee and cigarettes. And books.

Horoscope? Taurus and Gemini.
Favourite book? Too many. LOTR, Siddharta, 1Q84, to name a few.
Favourite life philosophy book? Transurfing of reality, Conversations with God.
Favourite book character? Stargirl (by Jerry Spinelli) and Siddharta (by Hermann Hesse).
Favourite movie? In the Pursuit of Happyness.
Favourite movie quote? This ain’t no time to sit around cryin’ like a bunch of pussies. From Beasts of the Southern Wild.
Favourite movie character? Eve from Only Lovers Left Alive.
Favourite music? Ode an die Freude and My Way. I want you to play these two on my funeral. I also love Enjoy the Silence. 

Favourite drink? Coffee (click the coffee cup to buy me a cup of caffeine. On the top of the blog, right). Tea. Water.
Alcohol? Beer. Or glass of good wine.

I’m a good listener. I know how to listen with an open heart. But if you just talk and talk and never listen, you’ll get on my nerves. Please, have the feeling for a “conversation ball”. We are all important.

I have a huge ego. When I’m on the top, I fly and feel awe-some. When I’m on the bottom, I feel like everything is pointless and has no sense at all.

So, that’s me (a part of). What about you?