As short as it could be: review of my 2014

Hello, my dear people! I must admit, that I became somehow shy about writing a blog, since I don’t write that often. I really wish I will stick with new year’s resolution to write a post at least twice a… Continue Reading

“When you give another person the power to define you, then you also give them the power to control you.” – Leslie Vernick

Hello birdies! These pics were taken back in August on one very happy day. I just felt so much inner peace and happiness and how everything is alright. Well, at the time when I’m writing this, I feel inner piece,… Continue Reading

5 Tips For “The Lost Generation” | | 5 nasvetov za “izgubljeno generacijo”

Fellas, its that time again, me actually writing a real post, not just microblogging on social media (like instagram – that link is invite to follow me there, get it?). So, today I want to write about the lost generation.… Continue Reading

How succesful am I, how I met my role model and how Freedom bike looks like

Hello hello, my dear people and all the animals who likes to read 😉 001. I know you are eagerly waiting the update on my life and work! 😉 You know, my life is everything but boring lately! I somehow… Continue Reading

“When it becomes more difficult to suffer than to change… you will change.” – Robert Anthony

Hello fellas! There’s a lot of change in my life lately and there’s more to come! And even though that’s not the most easiest time of my life, I really do enjoy it. Even though it hurts and my ego… Continue Reading

How is life getting better and 3 succesfully finished Silvija bags || Življenje se mi izboljšuje, 3 uspešno končane Silvija torbe in zastonj izvod Navdihovalnice

Hello, folks! How are you? I have to admit I’m awesome! Remember my last post? Well, it’s getting better! I have 8% of money I would need right now, which is way better than 0,25%. And I enjoy my work… Continue Reading