“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” -Oprah Winfrey

Hello, birdies. Just a quickie today, as I had a long (but joyful) day and I long for shower, meditation and sleep (: I just want to share with you this awesome guided meditation by Christy Whitman, which I did… Continue Reading

2. Dvoriščna razprodaja na Ptuju | | 2nd secondhand sale in our town

These are pictures from the second secondhand sale in my co-organisation. In the house of Fürst in our little town of Ptuj (the oldest city in Slovenia, btw) That’s one of my favourite projects, currently! I said to one awesome… Continue Reading

5 Tips For “The Lost Generation” | | 5 nasvetov za “izgubljeno generacijo”

Fellas, its that time again, me actually writing a real post, not just microblogging on social media (like instagram – that link is invite to follow me there, get it?). So, today I want to write about the lost generation.… Continue Reading

How is life getting better and 3 succesfully finished Silvija bags || Življenje se mi izboljšuje, 3 uspešno končane Silvija torbe in zastonj izvod Navdihovalnice

Hello, folks! How are you? I have to admit I’m awesome! Remember my last post? Well, it’s getting better! I have 8% of money I would need right now, which is way better than 0,25%. And I enjoy my work… Continue Reading

“A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.” – John Lubbock

Hello fellas! A new working week is here and it’s time to see that life is beautiful no matter the circumstances we are in. The sky is blue with gorgeous puffy clouds and the nature is all in happy green… Continue Reading

23 ways to boost your happiness when you don’t know how the hell you are gonna make it

Admit it, life can get pretty shitty from time to time. You work and work and still it seems like there’s no results. Well at least not in your pocket, because every penny you earn is already spent for all… Continue Reading

Kako postaneš 3 Ptice sponzor za evrič in nekaj centov + celo ozadje projekta

Pozdravljeni! V eni izmed prejšnjih objav sem omenila, da delam na skrivnostnem novem projektu, za katerega sem do zdaj povedala le trem ljudem, tokrat pa bi ga rada delila z vsemi vami. Woohoo! Fanfare in odštevanje: 3 2 1 0… Continue Reading